Welcome to ANTISPIT

This is ANTISPIT, a set of resources designed to help cloud, enterprise and home VOIP and Video administrator community understand and defend against SPIT attacks (SIP and H.323)

We will help you to introduce additional security measures to reduce your exposure to nuisance calls and even possible financial loss through toll fraud.


SPIT prevention resources

We share our data about known SPIT attackers with you.

The ANTISPIT SPIT report is free to everyone.

Learn about the SPIT trends we have observed and read articles on how to defend your voice/video VOIP network against attack.

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SPIT fraud and nuisance calls cost the community - including VOIP and Video enabled companies, service providers and small scale users billions of dollars every year, worldwide.

All VOIP users will benefit if we can clamp down on SPIT together to make the Internet a safer place to do VOIP telephony, videoconferencing and telepresence.

Who We Are

Passionate VOIP users

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We're long time H.323 and SIP VOIP and Video users and developers; annoyed and bored by the constant stream of SPIT attacks. We want to share our experience of defending against SPAM calls - and help make it easier for other VOIP administrators to protect their installations against this potentially costly nuisance.

What We Do

Defend against SPIT

  • We run honeypot VOIP servers in the cloud which monitor for both H.323 and SIP SPIT attacks
  • We log, collate and analyze the SPIT call information and generate a regular report about types and sources of SPIT attacks received
  • We incorporate our findings along with other SPIT blacklist databases and share the result to help make the Internet a less hospitable and less profitable place for SPIT attackers

What People Are Saying

We're just launching the service - please let us know your thoughts!

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